Project update

Identifying a project

7th October

After a few weeks of researching privacy and IoT, it's time to create a project outline to help focus my work. There's a lot of directions to go and it's been hard narrowing down to a more specific, while still open goal. I think choosing a current problem would allow more people to engage and understand my project - using new technology to improve the situation would help show it can be used for good.

Informed consent is a widespread issue with the digital world, most privacy policies are too long and complex to read so while users give consent, they don't know the breakdown of how their data can be used. For example, Facebook's revised privacy policy takes around 22 minutes to read, do they really think most users read it? There are exceptions to this, Mozilla's takes around 4 minutes to read, emphasising that they value privacy and want users to understand how seriously they take data collection.

My current project outline is: To design a tool that gives everyone informed consent on how their data is used. Show that the future of connected devices can be trusted by being transparent. Design with open source in mind so it’s easy to authenticate, repair, and modify. Give a new outlook on why privacy matters and show the Internet of Things can be more than what is out there today.