Project update

Why the Internet of Things?

16th September

Like most, I was unsure at the start of the semester on which topic to focus on. I'm interested in lots of areas, having previously explored sustainability and accessibility. I've always had a passion for technology and privacy and decided it would be an exciting and constantly evolving industry to look into with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Forecasts for the amount of connected devices vary, around 29 billion units are predicted by 2022, 18 billion of which related to IoT. That many devices mean a lot more data being collected, what implications does that have for users and how transparent will companies be about how they collect, process, share and destroy that information?

My starting focus is Amazon Alexa and Google Home, with both fighting for a place in our homes, what does this mean for privacy and how can we maintain a healthy internet with a handful of giants controlling the sector? I'm going to look at the possibilities of connected things and how we can create interesting interactions while being transparent about data. There's got to be more to IoT than voice assistants that complete mundane tasks.